Coal gasification

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Project Background 、Township Energy Structure Status:Straw, coal, liquefied petroleum gas


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LNG Single point supply mode
LNG:Natural gas after purification in the ultra-low temperature state of the liquid form,Natural gas liquefaction is about the standard state of the volume of 1/600, easy long-distance transport and storage.
LNG Single point supply:
The LNG tanker will transport LNG to the end customer and vaporize the LNG directly on the client side, By the LNG transport, storage, vaporization, decompression, metering, odor and other aspects of the composition.
LNG Single point supply model’s Process flow:
Unloading, vaporization, heating, pressure measurement, add odor 。


Advantages of LNG gas supply:

Convenient:Transport is not subject to pipeline constraints, where the road can transport LNG, you can pass natural gas。
Safety:Compared to coal, liquefied petroleum gas and other common fuels, LNG is not easy to ignite, easy to explode, easy to deposit。
Cheap:LNG prices remain low for a long time, compared to pipeline gas, saving opening fees and layers of fare increases。
Environmental protection:After burning basically no pollution。
Easy to get:As of the end of 2015, China has completed and put into operation 148 liquid chemical plants and 11 LNG receiving stations。

Small LNG singly point for skid mounted equipment:

Small LNG singly point for skid mounted equipment Is specifically for the township residents, public welfare users and the design of natural gas supply system. The configuration mainly includes LNG storage tank, LNG gasifier, filter unit, pressure regulating unit, metering unit, odor unit, safe discharge unit, and electric plus (with) heat and so on, With a compact structure, full-featured, safe and reliable, less investment and so on.
Features :
Safe and reliable , high voltage regulator / regulator high ,close performance compact structure, small footprint ,easy to install and operate , low maintenance costs ,low noise .Main road automatically switch to ensure that the downstream uninterrupted air supply optional Equipped with high-precision flow-meter superior expansion performance, according to user requirements gas supply capacity, telemetry remote control, with heat and other functions.

Provide a complete project solution;
Diversified cooperation mode coexistence, turn-Key solution supply service;
With a high level of engineering and technical personnel and highly skilled workers;
Have a strong technical research and development capabilities and manufacturing capacity;
With advanced manufacturing, processing and testing equipment;
Has a strong design, manufacture, installation and debugging capabilities;
Have a first-class information management platform and simple and efficient management model。


A county under the jurisdiction of 12 townships about 400 villages, about 300 per village, a total of about 120000, according to the village to set the intensity of the construction site, the initial estimate of about 150 sites to build, Each site radiation range of not more than 5 km.
After the completion of the project, the annual gas consumption forecast:
(1) per household housing by 100 square meters, then a winter heating season a total of 766Nm³ of natural gas, according to 120,000 residents, 80% utilization rate, annual heating natural gas 73.536 million Nm³;
(2) Per household per month with 12Nm³, with 144 Nm³ per year, according to 90% utilization, the use of 17.28 million Nm³.
(3) Restaurants in accordance with every two villages set up three restaurants estimated that 400 villages a total of 600 restaurants, restaurants with gas by 3Nm ³ / day, the annual consumption of about 657,000 Nm ³;
(4) The filling stations are estimated at 36.4 million Nm³. Environmental measurements: the project needs 22.2873 million Nm³ of natural gas, pipe network loss by 2% dollars, Which residents heating, cooking with natural gas 91.473 million Nm³, alternative coal about 152,500 t.
Reduce emissions targets: