Technical Service

Technical Service

图片5.pngGOT provides users with quality products at the same time, also has a professional service team, to provide customers with technical advice, equipment debugging and maintenance, solution design, operation service, training service and other system services.

GOT has arranged service engineers to Germany, Holland, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries to carry out professional training. In order to ensure customer's problems are solved in the first time, we arrange professional technical service personnels in Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang etc. Our service personnel can reach the user site in the shortest time to solve problems for our customers.

1500363886516198.gif Technical consultation: to provide transport of oil and gas distribution and gas filling station consulting services

1500363886516198.gif Equipment debugging and maintenance: to provide equipment commissioning and debugging, equipment health check and periodic maintenance

1500363886516198.gif Design service: to provide oil and gas distribution design and filling gas station design service

1500363886516198.gif Operation service: to undertake regulating metering station, gas station operation service

1500363886516198.gif Training service: to provide system and equipment maintenance operation training for users and manufacturers