Metering system

Metering system

Metering system

Product introduction

Measurement system is designed for sub transmission station in long-distance oil and gas pipeline transmission as a trade connection or internal settlement skid mounted metering device. It can integrate filtering, metering, alignment, calibration, automatic switching functions. It has the characteristics of high precision, good safety performance, strong stability and explosion-proof grade etc.

The conventional measurement system

· Ultrasonic measurement system

· Turbine measurement system

· Roots (rota) measurement system

· Quality measurement system

· Vortex measurement system

· Precession measurement system

· Orifice metering system

Product features

· high regulation accuracy

· excellent closing performance

· safe and reliable

· Convenient to install and operate

· Low maintenance cost

· Low noise

· It can be equipped with remote control system module to implement data acquisition, remote transmission and remote control and other functions.

· As per the needs of users, tailor the most optimized technical solution.

Series products can meet the transmission and distribution system in different scale demand.

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Metering system

Metering system

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