CNG station

CNG pressure reducing station

CNG pressure reducing station

CNG pressure reduction station is the regulating metering equipment that release the compressed gas in the CNG cylinder or tank in the pressure of 18MPa~25MP, to the next stage of pipeline, by truck column filtering, heat exchanging, multistage pressuring, measurement, and odorization. It has the advantages of high precision, high reliability, small occupation area, convenient installation and maintenance etc. It can use many kinds of ways for heat exchange such as steam, hot water, electricity and so on.

Product application

· Urban and rural resident areas

· Outlying area population centers

· Commercial catering users

· Gas boiler users

· Industrial users

· Gas pressure regulation station

· Regional emergency, peaking

The performance index

· Suitable medium: pressure compressed natural gas

· Design temperature: -29~60

· Ambient temperature -29-60

· Maximum inlet pressure 25MPa

· Minimum outlet pressure 2KPa

· Voltage regulation accuracy of ± 1%~2.5%

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