Q50 series emergency safety shutoff valve

Q50 series emergency safety shutoff valve

Q50 series emergency safety shutoff valve

Product introduction

Q50 series emergency safety shut - off valve is a self - operated emergency safety shut-off valve without external power source , which has the advantages of high cutting precision , high response speed , high safety and reliability , low maintenance cost , etc . It is widely used in gas distribution system , gas pipe network and industrial gas pressure regulating system .

Q50 series emergency safety shutoff valves provide overpressure and loss protection functions. This device uses modular design, equipped with standard actuator, series of pressure sensors and main body.50 series emergency safety shutoff valve.

Technical parameter

Product line


Nominal size


Maximum working pressure


Working temperature


Overpressure range

0.3~9.5MPa (3)

Cutting precision grade of overpressure range

AQ2.5: 0.3-2.1MPa;AQ1: 2-9.5MPa

Underpressure range

0.07~1.0MPa (3)

Underpressure range shut-off precision grade

AQ5: 0.07~1.0MPa

(1)Provide safety shutoff valve of ANSI 2500 as needed.

(2)A greater range of operating temperatures may be provided as required : -46℃~60℃.

(3)To provide a larger range of overpressure and loss protection as needed.

Product feature

1.Extremely low maintenance costs

2.Special sealing structure can resist medium scour

3.Extremely high safety and acquired SILⅡ certification

4.High cutting accuracy and fast response speed

5.Emergency shut off button in place

6.Structural modularization

7.Optional function according to need

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