Q70 series axial safety shutoff Valve

Q70 series axial safety shutoff Valve

Q70 series axial safety shutoff Valve

Product introduction

Q70 series safety shut-off valve is an axial flow safety cut-off valve, which is composed of actuator and main valve body. It has many advantages such as high cutting accuracy, fast response speed, extremely high safety and reliability, low maintenance cost and so on. It is widely used in gas transmission and distribution system, gas pipe network and industrial gas pressure regulation system.

Technical parameter

Nominal size


Nominal pressure


Body material

A352 LCC,A350LF2


IEC 60534

Shut-off time


Suitable medium

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum and liquefied chemicals

Suitable temperature



In accordace with FCI-70-2,IEC 60534-4 VI


Long-distance pipeline oil, gas stations, pressure regulating Stations for export pressure quickly shut off


Pneumaticspring-hydraulic linkage

Product feature

1.Axial disgin can reduce the local high speed flow of the fluid, turbulence flow jet stream, such as shock, and to improve the stability of the valve.

2.Axial on-off valves in HIPPS applications high integrity pressure protecting systems (HIPPS)are used to protect lower rated downstream sections from overpressure, by isolating these sections from the source of the overpressure.

3.Axial flow type, high capacity and low pressure drop.

4.Fast shut off, the valves≤36" shut off within 2s and≤12" within 1s.

5.Mechanically fully pressure balanced design.

6.Main seal is protected from erosional velocities in the open position. Furthermore the main seal is not in contact with other parts during the stroke of the valve.

7.Rugged linear piston actuator, closing action by means of multiple parallel springs,have high reliability.

8.Self-contained piston actuator with failing close function selected for this project to ensure valve action safety and reliability, furthermore energy saving and environmental protection.

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