T80 series pressure regulating valve

T80 series pressure regulating valve

T80 series pressure regulating valve

Product introduction

T80 series regulator is a self-propelled regulator without additional power source. It has many advantages, such as high voltage regulation precision, excellent closing performance, stable operation, safety and reliability, and so on. It is widely used in gas transmission and distribution system, gas pipe network and industrial gas pressure control system.

The T80 series consist of the flowing types of regulator.

- T80:the pilot-controlled standard model

- T80S:same as T80, optional denoiser

- T80(S)-M:monitor version of the T80 ,the denoiser can be optional according to need.

Technical parameter

Type indication


Nominal size


Pressure class

ANSI 600(1)

Inlet pressure range

100bar ANSI 600

Outlet pressure range

1-60bar ANSI 600

Normal working minimum pressure difference


Operating temperature


Ambient temperature


(1)Provide pressure relief valves of ANSI 2500 as needed.

(2)A greater range of operating temperatures may be provided as required : -46℃60℃.

Product feature

1.Extremely low maintenance costs.

2.Optimal noise reduction.

3.Optimal control at pressure differences from 0.5 bar

4.Excellent control characteristics

①Voluminous actuator and large diaphragm area

②Balanced design

③High degree of control accuracy (1%)

④Low lock-up pressure (2.5%)

⑤Fast response

5.Large circulation ability

6.Remote or flow control

①By using a special pilot, the regulator can be remote controlled or used as a flow controller in combination with the proper instrumentation.

②Compared to normal control valves, this has the advantage that pressure control is continued even if external power is lost.

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