T100 series axial pressure regulator

T100 series axial pressure regulator

T100 series axial pressure regulator

Product introduction

T100Series is an axial flow automatic pressure regulating valve, which is widely used in gas transmission and distribution system, gas pipeline network and industrial gas pressure regulating system.

Consists of the pilot and the main valve body. The pilot can control the main valve by inducting the downstream pipeline pressure and using the gas pressure in the pipeline. It has a high regulating precision and a wide range of regulation, and the axial flow design makes the valve flow ability strong.

Technical parameter

Nominal size


Nominal pressure


Suitable temperature


Max inlet pressure(Mpa)


Outlet pressure range(Mpa)


Accuracy class AC


Closing pressure class SG


Closing pressure class


Inlet and outlet minimum differential pressure(Mpa)


A greater range of operating temperatures may be provided as required : -46℃~60℃.

Product feature

1.Axial design

①Higher capacity

②Lower noise and less vibrations

③Long maintenance period

2.Multiple noise reduction design

3.Standard valve position indicator in place

4.Can be equipped with valve position monitor

5.Special sleeve design

①Cage is stainless steel and polished,a better slidingof the cage and corrosion.

②Reducing friction between components.

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