TA120 series axial control valve

TA120 series axial control valve

TA120 series axial control valve

Product introduction

TA120 series axial electric control valve,consists of electric actuator and main valve body,the electric actuator can change the position of the valve core by receiving the control signal output by the control unit, and then adjust the medium flow, pressure and other technical parameters. It is widely used in gas distribution system, gas pipe network and industrial gas pressure regulating system.

Technical parameter

Nominal size


Nominal pressure


Body material

A352 LCC 、A350 LF2

Suitable temperature



In accordace to FCI-70-2,IECB 60534-4BⅣ,VI

Product standard

IEC 60534

Travel variability




Suitable medium

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum and liquefied chemicals

Product feature

1.Axial design

①Less internal resistance

②Higher capacity

③Lower noise less vibrations and turbulence

④Long maintenance period

2.Valve core pressure balance design

①Low operating torque/thrust

②Resistance to medium scour

③Zero leakage

④The balanced plug design results in a differential pressure independent of operating thrust,make the valve smooth

3.Sleeve unique design

①Good control ability with high range ability

②Higher capacity

③Reduce wear and vibration

④Diversity selection

⑤Axial control valves are equipped with a cage provided with multiple holes uniformly distributed over the full circumference. This design combined with the axial flow body concept ensures that the fluid is evenly distributed.

4.Safety design with grease injection, pressure relief, fire prevention, etc.

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