TG120 series regulating valve

TG120 series regulating valve

TG120 series regulating valve

Product introduction

TG120 series regulating valves are widely used in gas transmission and distribution system, gas pipe network and industrial gas regulating system.

TG120 series regulating valve can be selected as pneumatic or electric drive, other actuators can be customized according to request.

This product has the following main models:

TG120 (S) standard, pneumatic actuator, optional silencer.

TG120 (S)-M monitor, pneumatic actuator, optional silencer.

TG120 (S)-E electric actuator with silencer.

Technical parameter

Type indication


Pressure class

ANSI 600(1)

Inlet pressure range

100bar ANSI 600

Outlet pressure range

1-60bar ANSI 600

Operating temperature


Ambient temperature


(1)Provide ANSI 2500 as needed.

(2)A greater range of operating temperatures may be provided.

Product feature

1.Extremely low maintenance costs

①Long maintenance period

②Minimal friction

③Minimal number of parts

④Simple disassembly and disassembly

⑤On line maintenance, the valve body does not have to be removed from the pipe

⑥Seat ring is easy to inspect

⑦Integral removable internals (top mounted)

⑧Material selection is economical and durable

2.Optimal noise reduction

3.Minimum pressure difference of 0. 5 bar

4.Special patented valve seat

①Long maintenance interval due to the erosion-free enclosure of the seat ring

②Tight closure can be guaranteed even at low temperatures

③Low closing pressure

5.Excellent control characteristics

①Piston control, high precision, low resistance, quick reaction

②Wide control range

③Lag small

④Balanced interior design

6.Large circulation ability

7.Remote or flow control

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